Chair’s Message

Development Backgound

The institute was established in August, 1970, formerly known as the “Institute of Management Science”. To distinguish the master’s degree in management science in our university, with the Ministry of Education’s approval, our institute was renamed as the “Institute of Business and Management” in August, 1998. Due to the long history and the solid foundation of the relevant management courses, there have been many graduated alumni, and they have deep and wide influence on industries, government and academic circles.


Our institute is dedicated to empowering students for success in their future careers by honing three essential skills crucial for business students and graduates.


Learning Capability

The institute focuses on fostering students’ capacity not only to comprehend existing knowledge but also to continuously acquire, assimilate, and generate new knowledge necessary for addressing difficulties and challenges.


Thinking Ability

The institute guides students in making rational and accurate judgments on matters or opinions. Additionally, it encourages them to discover innovative ideas or solutions for problem-solving and to employ systematic processes for creating new business value and identifying great market opportunities.


Global Mobility

The institute inspires students to actively engage in international activities, fostering open-mindedness, the development of global perspectives, and adaptability to diverse cultures. This approach aims to enhance personal competitiveness on a global scale.


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