Study Plan

Curriculum Regulations

Minimum Term of Study

One and a half years

Minimum Credits

50 Credits (including waived courses but excluding the credits of prerequisites courses. No more than 6 course credits are allowed from institutions outside of NYCU).

Curriculum and Regulations








1. The prerequisite courses of the MBA program include ‘Economics’, ‘Accounting’, and ‘Statistics’. Students can apply for course waiver by submitting the enrollment test certificates, undergraduate transcripts or other related supporting documents. If the student has not completed the prerequisite courses or the student’s waiver application is rejected, the student may take selective courses opened by the Institute to count towards prerequisite course requirements. However, the credits of such courses will not be counted towards the graduation requirement (50 credits).

2. The required courses include ‘Financial Management’, ‘Production and Operations Management’, ‘Marketing Management’, ‘Human Resource Management’, ‘Strategic Management’, ‘Technology and Innovation Management’, and ‘Research Methods’. Students must not take the above mentioned courses outside of IBM, NYCU unless such courses are not provided in IBM, NYCU in that academic year. Students may apply for required course waiver by submitting undergraduate transcripts for the Institute to review.

3. Regulations for seminar courses are as follows:

(1) ‘Seminar on Business and Management’ course is required for one semester.

(2) ‘Lectures on Business’ is required for two semesters.


The regulations are formulated in compliance with the MBA Program Regulations of Institute of Business and Management, NYCU.

Applications for minor degrees are currently not accepted.



Study Plan (4 semesters)

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Master-Study Plan-4 semesters


Study Plan (3 semesters)

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Master-Study Plan-3 semesters


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