Courses & Syllabi

Fall 2022 Course Offerings (Full-time MBA Program)
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*(EN): English taught *(DL): Distant learning

Course No. Course TitleInstructorCredit
MGBM30001Human Resource Management (EN)Jin-Feng Uen 3
MGBM30012International BusinessQuang-Hua Chen 3
MGBM30015 Capital Project EvaluationFang-Jen Chang 3
MGBM30018Benchmarking Projects in ManagementChia-Shin Lin
Chieh-Peng Lin
MGBM30022Modern Marketing Perspectives (EN)Roland Gau 3
MGBM30025Research Methods (EN)Chieh-Peng Lin 3
MGBM30038Management Theory(I)(PhD)Diana HweiAn Tsai
Jin-Li Hu
Roland Gau
Chih-Liang Liu
MGBM30048Organization Design and ManagementJin-Feng Uen 3
MGBM30051Statistical Methods and Data AnalysisYen-Chang Chang3
MGBM30054Lectures on Business PracticesChieh-Peng Lin 3
MGBM30055Network Strategies: Method and Applications (EN)Jin-Su Kang 3
MGBM30057Performance AssessmentJin-Li Hu 3
MGBM30059Marketing Management (EN)Roland Gau 3
MGBM30061Financial Accounting (DL) Chih-Liang Liu 3
MGBM30065Financial Management (EN)Chih-Liang Liu 3
MGBM30067Game TheoryJin-Li Hu 3
MGBM30068The Practice of Financial InstitutionBor Song Liang 3
MGBM30069Electronic CommerceChiun-Sin Lin 3
MGBM30072Data Visualization and ApplicationsCheng-Sheng Yu3
MGBM30073International Business Management (EN) Diana HweiAn Tsai 3
MGBM30074Blockchain Strategy and Digital GovernanceLi-Ping Cheng 3
MGBM30075ESG Investment Practice and ApplicationJulian Liu3

Spring 2022 Course Offerings (Full-time MBA Program)
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*(EN): English taught
Course No. Course TitleInstructorCredit
IBM 5005Organizational BehaviorJin-Feng Uen3
IBM 6013Econometrics (PhD)Jin-Li Hu3
IBM 6034Multivariate AnalysisCherng G. Ding3
IBM 6122Lectures on Business PracticesChieh-Peng Lin3
IBM 6147Production and Operation Management (EN) Jin-Li Hu3
IBM 6157Strategic Management (EN)Jin-Su Kang3
IBM 6166Economics-one way we see the worldChun-Hsien Yeh,
Wei-Torng Juang
IBM 6168Corporate Public RelationsHwai-Shu Shieh3
IBM 6175 Science & Technology Industry Analysis (EN)Diana HweiAn Tsai 3
IBM 6179Growth ModelingCherng G. Ding3
IBM 6183Strategic Change ManagementJin-Feng Uen 3
IBM 6198Big Data Analytics for Business Intelligence Chen-Yang Cheng3
IBM 6200Management Theories (II) (PhD)Chieh-Peng Lin,
Jin-Su Kang,
Jin-Feng Uen,
Cherng G. Ding
IBM 6203Technology and Innovation Management (EN)Chieh-Peng Lin3
IBM 6207Business Analysis and ValuationChih-Liang Liu3
IBM 6209Seminar on Business and Management (PhD) IBM Faculty 2
IBM 6210Corporate Sustainability StrategyAllen Tsai3
IBM 6212Retailing Management & PracticeMei-Fang Chen3
IBM 6213Consumer Behavior (EN) Roland Gau3

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