Vol. 31, No.2 (2024/5)
1. Exploring Crowdfunding Strategies and Success Rates of Startup Teams from the Perspectives of Information Asymmetry and Cognitive LoadAbtractFull Article
2. Does Use Purpose and Hedging Effectiveness Matter for the Earnings Informativeness of Financial Derivatives?AbtractFull Article
3. Accounting Conservatism and Stock Price Crash RiskAbtractFull Article
4. Investigating the Influencing Factors and Behavioral Processes of the Intention to Use Scooter Sharing – The Perspective of UTAUT2AbtractFull Article

Vol. 31, No.1 (2024/1)
1. Does Corporate Social Responsibility Performance Help to Alleviate the Negative Effects of Directors’ Resignation on Firm Performance?AbtractFull Article
2. Exploring Service Quality of Full Service and Low Cost Airlines– The Application of Text Mining and Interpretative Structural ModelAbtractFull Article
3. The Impact of Patent Counts on The Information Ambiguity of Firms’ Market Value: A Signaling Theory PerspectiveAbtractFull Article
4. Impacts of Technology-Based Visual Appeal on Social Presence, Parasocial Interaction and Tickets Purchase Intention of Online Concert AudiencesAbtractFull Article

Vol. 30, No.4 (2023/10)
1. Is It Easier for Heavy-Workload Enabler to Get a Promotion or Burnout ? The Moderating Effect of Leader-Member Exchange and Core Self-EvaluationsAbstractFull Article
2. A Study of the Adoption Behavior for Taipei City Waste Collection using iTrashAbstractFull Article
3. Family Heterogeneity and Internal Control Weakness: The Role of Directors’ and Officers’ Liability InsuranceAbstractFull Article
4. Can Momentum-Based Long-Short Trading in Daily Frequency Make Profit from the U.S. Commodity Futures Market?AbstractFull Article

Vol. 30, No.3 (2023/07)
1. Considering Commercial Competition, Technological Diffusion, and Substitution to Forecast Telecom SubscribersAbstractFull Article
2. Key Factors in National Innovation Strategy and Performance Evaluation: An analysis of AHP and Bounded-DEAAbstractFull Article
3. Was It My Wrong When I Was Abused? Constructive Effects of Abusive Supervision from an Attributional PerspectiveAbstractFull Article
4. Exploring the Partnership of Government Agencies in Implementing Information SystemsAbstractFull Article

Vol. 30, No.2 (2023/04)
1. From the Viewpoint of Military Intelligence: The Identification Selection and Resource Conflict of AI Military Application Field Abstract Full Article
2. What’s Edible Oil “Way to Play” in the Health System –A Taiwanese Empirical ExaminationAbstract Full Article
3. Status and Trend Analysis of Digital Transformation for Smart Business – The Case Examples of Smart RetailingAbstractFull Article
4. Applying Convolutional Neural Network to Identify Candlestick Chart to Improve Portfolio Trading StrategyAbstractFull Article

Vol. 30, No.1 (2023/01)  
1. A Study on the Application of Fuzzy QFD to Enhancement Strategy of Brand Attachment AbstractFull Article
2. Influence of Comparative Targets and Message Framing in Comparative AdvertisingAbstractFull Article
3. The Impact of Brand Experience on Brand Loyalty: The Dual Mediating Effect of Brand Identity and Brand Satisfaction, and Negative Moderating Effect of Network ExternalityAbstractFull Article
4. The Effect of Voluntary Assurance of Corporate Social Responsibility Report on the Cost of Equity CapitalAbstractFull Article
Vol. 29, No.4 (2022/10)  
1. New Product Development Reference Process with Innovation Portfolio Characteristics: An Example for The Roll to Roll Manufacturing Process of The Flexible Organic Light-Emitting Diode DisplayAbstractFull Article
2. The Study on Reporting Deferred Income Taxes in The Key Audit Matters: The Determinants and The Association with Earnings ManagementAbstractFull Article
3. The Optimal Strategy for Power Suppression Policy: An Example for Daily Reduction of 2-Hour Electricity ConsumptionAbstractFull Article
4. Will Attention of Market Participants Influence Housing Prices?AbstractFull Article
5. Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility on Multinational Food and Beverage Companies’ PerformanceAbstractFull Article
6. A Bibliometric Overview of Research Articles of Industrial Engineering and Management in Taiwan between 1975 and 2020AbstractFull Article
Vol. 29, No.3 (2022/07)  
1. The Relationship Among the Degree of Digitization, Wealth and Income of the Rich and the PoorAbstractFull Article
2. Conference Call Video Content and Earnings ManagementAbstractFull Article
3. Impacts of Beauty Vlogger’s Physical Attraction, Attitude Homophily, Parasocial Interaction and Video Content Quality on Consumer Perceived Trust and Purchase IntentionAbstractFull Article
4. Delivery Strategy for E-commerce Operator with Delivery Fleet by Considering Distribution Density of Physical Stores and Demand-supply InteractionAbstractFull Article
Vol. 29, No. 2 (2022/04)  
1. Using Convolutional Neural Network to Construct Classification Models of Bus Drivers’ Car-Following DistanceAbstractFull Article
2. The Impact of Market Panic Sentiment on the Stock Price Reaction from News Events in Taiwan Stock ExchangeAbstractFull Article
3. Is Negative Publicity Unintended? The Ideal Time of Logistics Service Recovery in Data MiningAbstractFull Article
4. Defect Classification Using CNN Transfer Learning and Data AugmentationAbstractFull Article
5. Redesign the Integrated Customer Service System for Public Sector: A Case Study of National Health Insurance Administration, Ministry of Health and WelfareAbstractFull Article
6.  Incorporating Economic Indicators and Competitive Dynamics into the Prediction of 3C Retailing Stores and Online E-Commerce PlatformsAbstractFull Article
Vol. 29, No. 1 (2022/01)  
1. Curiosity and Irritation: The positive and negative effects of ClickbaitAbstractFull Article
2. The Inhibitors of Online Browsing Behaviour based on the Stimulus-Organism-Response TheoryAbstractFull Article
3. The Publicity and Spillover Effects of “Clicked” FundsAbstractFull Article
4. The Impact of Consumer Readiness on Value Co-Creation: The Mediating Effect of Co-Production and Relationship QualityAbstractFull Article
Vol. 28, No. 4 (2021/10)  
1. How the Innovation Strategy and the Network Relationship in Industrial Clusters Affect the Firm’s Performance: A Case Study of Hsinchu Science ParkAbstractFull Article
2. Multi-Sided Online Market Platform: Ecosystems and Business ModelsAbstractFull Article
3. Are Audit Partners’ Legitimate and Expert Power Important? Clients’ Financial Risk and Audit Quality PerspectiveAbstractFull Article
4. Is Job Insecurity Always Bad? The Moderating Roles of Psychological Capital and Supervisor–Subordinate Guanxi in the Relationship between Job Insecurity and Employees’ Feedback-Seeking BehaviorAbstractFull Article
Vol. 28, No. 3 (2021/07)  
1. Customer Relationship Development: An Empirical Study on Insurance Industry in TaiwanAbstractFull Article
2. Testing A Hypothesized Customer and Business Partner Co-Creation Marketing ModelAbstractFull Article
3. On the Factors Affecting the Surrenders Behavior of US Life Insurance ContractsAbstractFull Article
4. On the Way to A Personal Brand: Exploring the Influence of the Insurance Salesperson’s Image Management on Customer Orientation BehaviorsAbstractFull Article
Vol. 28, No. 2 (2021/04)  
1. Explore the Network Structure of TSSCI Business and Management Community and Its Knowledge Activities – The Perspective of Interlocking EditorshipAbstractFull Article
2. The Efficiency-oriented and Value-oriented Route in the Value-building Framework of Green BusinessesAbstractFull Article
3. The Crucial Factors of Clicking Keyword AdvertisementsAbstractFull Article
4. The Influence of Growth on Omission of Cash DividendAbstractFull Article
Vol. 28, No. 1 (2021/01)  
1. Market-to-book Ratio and Capital Structure: Market Timing vs. Growth OpportunitiesAbstractFull Article
2. A Quantile Regression Analysis of the O/S Ratio-Return RelationAbstractFull Article
3. The Correlation Between the Quality of Disclosures in Corporate Social Responsibility Reports and Enterprise’s Value in TaiwanAbstractFull Article
4. Does Diversified Operation Improve Performance? –An Example of Taiwanese Non-Life Insurance IndustryAbstractFull Article
Vol. 27, No. 4 (2020/10)  
1. Identify the Characteristics of Firms Restating the Financial Reports by Data Mining TechniquesAbstractFull Article
2. Contradiction of Performance Feedback and Innovation Patterns: An Example for Taiwan-Listed Semiconductor FirmsAbstractFull Article
3. The Moderating Effect of Relational Tie on the Relationship between Satisfaction in Service Failure Recovery and Repurchasing IntentAbstractFull Article
4. Can Rating Agencies and Investors Discern the Shadow of China’s Banks? Financial Statement PerspectivesAbstractFull Article
Vol. 27, No. 3 (2020/07)  
1. Building an Intelligent Nursing Shift Scheduling System Based on New Labor Standards ActAbstractFull Article
2. Do Negative Corporate Social Responsibility Events Signal Earnings Informativeness?AbstractFull Article
3. A Study on Events Integration and Topic Identification across Multiple Social Media SitesAbstractFull Article
4. The Timing of Earnings Announcement and Earnings QualityAbstractFull Article
Vol. 27, No. 2 (2020/04)  
1. Application of Lean Management in Food Logistics Industry: Practice of Modularized Fixed-Term Two Bin SystemAbstractFull Article
2. Lean Assessment Mechanism of Supplier Based on Multiple-to-Multiple Benchmarking LearningAbstractFull Article
3. Study of Chinese Medicine Pill Forming Technique by Lean Production and Innovative MethodsAbstractFull Article
4. Improvement Strategy for Drying Efficiency of Tunnel-Type Baking Oven: Production of Casting Risers as An ExampleAbstractFull Article
5. Lean Smart Manufacturing: A Conceptual Framework and Solution Based Co-Creative PlatformAbstractFull Article
Vol. 27, No. 1 (2020/01)  
1. The Impact of Mayoral Election on Taiwan’s Stock MarketAbstractFull Article
2. A Study on the Optimal Consignment Strategy of Multi-sale Points in the Newsboy Model under the Capacity ConstraintAbstractFull Article
3. The Change of Managerial Risk Taking Based on Behavioral Theory and AMC Model: Evidence from Taiwan’s Electronics Manufacturing Firms’ FDI in ChinaAbstractFull Article
4. The Study of Project Finance in Weapon Development: The Perspective of System DynamicsAbstractFull Article
Vol. 26, No. 4 (2019/10)  
1. Assessing Efficiency of Credit Departments of Farmers’ Associations using Dynamic Network DEA with Negative DataAbstractFull Article
2. Developmental Trajectory and Trend of the Broad Virtual RealityAbstractFull Article
3. The Business Model of a Leading Company of Wireless Communication Material ─ System Dynamics PerspectiveAbstractFull Article
4. Bidding Preference for Members in Virtual Community Based on Price of Product and Types of Social NetworkAbstractFull Article
Vol. 26, No. 3 (2019/07)  
1. Influence of Changes in IAS 2 Inventories on Corporate Inventory Management DecisionsAbstractFull Article
2. Platform Strategy Analysis for Taiwanese Mobile Payment Market Using Choice-Based Conjoint AnalysisAbstractFull Article
3. The Impact of CEO Characteristics on the Relation between Family Ownership and Firm PerformanceAbstractFull Article
4. Using Social Network Theory to Explore the Effect of Market Knowledge on Innovation in Service Industries: A Case of Travel AgenciesAbstractFull Article
Vol. 26, No. 2 (2019/04)  
1. Measuring the Efficiency of Academic Commercialization: A Empirical Study of Chinese Mainland’s UniversitiesAbstractFull Article
2. The Relationship between IT Audit Quality, IT Internal Control and IT Governance EffectivenessAbstractFull Article
3. The Impact of TMT’s Private Information Sharing on the Relation between TMT Compensation and Past PerformanceAbstractFull Article
4. A Study of Long-term Care Policy 2.0 Edition: An Example for Pingtung CountyAbstractFull Article
Vol. 26, No. 1 (2019/01)  
1. Is the Audit Market of Listed Companies in Taiwan Competitive? The Perspective from Audit FeesAbstractFull Article
2. The Impact of Auditor Industry Specialization and Bank Ownership on the Bank Credit RiskAbstractFull Article
3. Social Affective Tone (SAT) in Brand Fan Pages: A Preliminary InvestigationAbstractFull Article
4. Subsidiary Relationship Network: Business Relationship Complexity, Autonomy and Headquarters Resource AllocationAbstractFull Article
Vol. 25, No. 4 (2018/10)  
1. Lot Sizing for Recoverable Remanufacturing Decisions with Cost, Lead Time and Carbon Dioxide EmissionsAbstractFull Article
2. Commonality in Short Selling and Predictability of Aggregate Short Selling in Taiwan Stock MarketAbstractFull Article
3. Measuring and Activating Innovation SystemsAbstractFull Article
4. The Relationship between Growth Strategies and External Equity: The Moderating Effect of Business GroupAbstractFull Article
Vol. 25, No. 3 (2018/07)  
1. A Review and Future Direction of Operations ResearchAbstractFull Article
2. Global Policy and Intellectual Property Analysis of Intelligent Manufacturing: Opportunities for Taiwan’s Industrial Engineering Research CommunityAbstractFull Article
3. Past Highlights and Future of Human Factors and Design Thinking in TaiwanAbstractFull Article
4. Application of Industrial Engineering Concepts and Techniques to Ambient IntelligenceAbstractFull Article
5.  The Review of Production System for Advanced Intelligent ManufacturingAbstractFull Article
6. The Review and Prospect of Industrial Engineering for Health Care and ManagementAbstractFull Article
Vol. 25, No. 2 (2018/04)  
1.  The Impacts of Abusive Supervision on Subordinates’ Supervisor-directed Deviance: The Moderating Effect of Coping Strategies and the Mediating Effect of LMXAbstractFull Article
2. How Manager Overconfidence and Audit Ability Affect Preliminary Earnings Information Disclosure Decision?AbstractFull Article
3. The Effect of ERP System Implementation on Earnings Management and the Value-Relevance of Accounting InformationAbstractFull Article
4. Entrepreneurial Orientation and Firm Performance: The Mediating Roles of Market Orientation and Technology StrategyAbstractFull Article
Vol. 25, No. 1 (2018/01)  
1. Optimal Allocation of Cashier and Dispensary Servers in Large HospitalsAbstractFull Article
2. A Global Optimization Approach for Storage Location Assignment ProblemsAbstractFull Article
3. A Hybrid Clustering Approach for Identifying the Position and Role on Patent Infringement Litigation Network by Evidence from Smart Phone CompaniesAbstractFull Article
4.  The Effects of Restricted Stock Awards on Firm Performance and Earnings ManagementAbstractFull Article
Vol. 24, No. 4 (2017/10)  
1. The Effects of Service Guarantee Design and Bond Creditability on Perceived Risk and Invoking IntentionAbstractFull Article
2. Recommendation Changes and Conflicts of InterestAbstractFull Article
3. Book-Tax Differences and the Value-relevance of Accounting InformationAbstractFull Article
4. Google Search Volume Index and Its Effects on Stock Return and Trading Volume of Taiwan Stock MarketAbstractFull Article
5. Investigation of Total Quality Management in Higher Education Institutional Research: An Empirical Study of National Tsing Hua UniversityAbstractFull Article
Vol. 24, No. 3 (2017/07)  
1. Feasibility Study on Connecting Taiwan’s Food Safety Management System to the World: The Case of TQFAbstractFull Article
2. How Does CEO Work Experience and Myopic Behavior Influence CSR Engagement?AbstractFull Article
3. Are Socially Responsible Companies Less Likely to Engage in Tax Aggressiveness? Evidence from Taiwan’s Listed CompaniesAbstractFull Article
4. Ambidexterity and Sustainability: The Dynamic Correlation among Resource Employment, Ambidexterity, and Firm PerformanceAbstractFull Article
5. Sustainable Business Model of Social Enterprise: A Case of Leezen CompanyAbstractFull Article
Vol. 24, No. 2 (2017/04)  
1. Firm’s External Relationships and Bank Loan Pricing: Empirical Tests for Bargaining Power, Information Transfers and Social Network Perspectives, and Their LinkagesAbstractFull Article
2. The Impact of Countercyclical Capital Buffer on Banks’ Liquidity Creation behaviorAbstractFull Article
3. The Influence of Life Cycle on the Demand forDirectors’ and Officers’ Liability InsuranceAbstractFull Article
4. A Study of the Determinants Affecting Budgetary Participation in Hospitals-From the Perspective of Social Cognitive TheoryAbstractFull Article
5. How Firms’ Sponsorship Influences Consumers’ Purchase Intention: Investigation of the Benefits from Event and Consumers’ Psychological MechanismAbstractFull Article
Vol. 24, No. 1 (2017/01)  
1. Learning Effects of Counterfactual Thinking on First Offer in Negotiation ContextAbstractFull Article
2. The Valuation and Incentive Effects of Executive Stock Options under the Consideration of Firm DefaultAbstractFull Article
3. The Effect of Managerial Share Holdings on Firm Default Risk:The Perspective of Risk SensitivityAbstractFull Article
4. Fund Manager Sentiment and Performance Prediction: Bootstrap Panel Granger Causality TestAbstractFull Article
5. Financial Statement Comparability, Intangible Assets and the Cost of Equity CapitalAbstractFull Article
Vol. 23, No. 4 (2016/10)  
1. Constructing the Framework of Semiconductor Overall Fab Performance Indices for Total Resource ManagementAbstractFull Article
2. Integrating Artificial Neural Network with Rough Set Theory to Construct a Time-saving Model for DRAM TestingAbstractFull Article
3. The Linkage between Procedure Rationalization and Value Driver before ERP System Settlement in Simply Processed Logistics IndustryAbstractFull Article
4. An Empirical Study on Mining Behaviors of Patients Based on Their Length of Stay in the Emergency DepartmentAbstractFull Article
5. Antecedents and Consequences of Export Market Orientation: Using Interdependence Asymmetry as a ModeratorAbstractFull Article
Vol. 23, No. 3 (2016/07)  
1. Internationalization Processes and Organizational Size: The Moderating Effects of Business GroupsAbstractFull Article
2. Relationships among Department Culture, Workaholism and Workplace DevianceAbstractFull Article
3. Effects of Financial Holding Organizations on Bank Ratings and Rating ChangesAbstractFull Article
4. Managerial Liability Coverage, Controlling Shareholders, and Ownership StructureAbstractFull Article
5. Aspiration-Performance Deviations, Board Governance and Risk-Taking Decision: An Empirical Study of Asset Investment in Taiwan’s Electronics Manufacturing FirmsAbstractFull Article
Vol. 23, No. 2 (2016/04)  
1. The Effect of Subsidiary Local Embeddedness and Headquarters AttentionAbstractFull Article
2. Carbon Emission Levels, Green Investment Strategy and Firm PerformanceAbstractFull Article
3. The Information Contents of Volatility Skew Embedded in Option-Evidence on Taiwan Index Option MarketAbstractFull Article
4. An Experimental Study on Spectrum Auction Design: From Ausubel to CCAAbstractFull Article
5. Measurement Invariance of Consumer Style Inventory Across Gender on YoungAbstractFull Article
Vol. 23, No. 1 (2016/01)  
1. Decision Analysis of Capacity Expansion Planning under Demand Uncertainty: A Case Study of TFT-LCD IndustryAbstractFull Article
2. Spread Arbitrage and Comparison of Pricing, Index Arbitrage, and Futures Hedging between Dual Listed Index Futures MarketsAbstractFull Article
3. Stock Market Liquidity and the Business Cycle: Comprehensive Evidence from TaiwanAbstractFull Article
4. Industry Competition and Earnings Management Shen-Ho ChangAbstractFull Article
5. The Effects of Book-Tax Differences on Analysts’ Forecast Errors and Forecast DispersionAbstractFull Article
Vol. 22, No. 4 (2015/10)  
1. Does Service Recovery Providers’ Physical Attractiveness Matter? – The Impact of Jaycustomers’ Dysfunctional Behavior Types and Service Recovery StrategiesAbstractFull Article
2. Capital Structure Adjustment, Equity-Selling Mechanism and Core Agency ProblemAbstractFull Article
3. A System Dynamics Model for Integrated Resorts: A Case Study of PenghuAbstractFull Article
4. The Relationship between Individual’s Cognitive Accuracy to Friendship Network and Social Network PositionsAbstractFull Article
5. Usability Evaluation of Healthcare Information System through Dynamic Importance-Performance AnalysisAbstractFull Article
Vol. 22, No. 3 (2015/07)  
1. Exploring the Influences of City Image on Event Spillover Effects and Political Participation by the 2010 Taipei International Flora ExpositionAbstractFull Article
2. Value-Oriented Service Process Design: An Example of RFID Application in Sports CenterAbstractFull Article
3. The Relation between the Internal Control Weakness and the Quality of Financial Reports: Evidence from IPO FirmsAbstractFull Article
4.  The Interactive Effects of Job Demand and Control on Burnout and Engagement: The Role of Function of Social SupportAbstractFull Article
5. The Relationship between Negotiators Personality Characteristics and Ethical Behavioral Intention under Unethical Information TacticsAbstractFull Article
Vol. 22, No. 2 (2015/04)  
1. Comparing Metafrontier Technical Efficiencies of Listed Firms for the Industries of Construction and Real Estate in TaiwanAbstractFull Article
2. A Simulation of the Impact of New Capital Regulation in BASEL III on the Cost Efficiency of Taiwan’s BanksAbstractFull Article
3. The Financial Statement Analysis of Not-for-profit Medical Institutions in Taiwan: An Application of the DEA ApproachAbstractFull Article
4. Analyzing Operating Performance of State-owned Enterprises: Evidence from Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor CorporationAbstractFull Article
Vol. 22, No. 1 (2015/01)  
1. A Study on the Speed of Information Diffusion across Taiwan’s Stock MarketAbstractFull Article
2. Market Responses of Foreign Corporations with Issued TDRs: Market Segmentation and Investor RecognitionAbstractFull Article
3. Derivative and Market Risk in Taiwan’s Banking Industry: An Assessment of Value-at-Risk ApproachAbstractFull Article
4. The Strategic of CPA Selection: A Study on Private UniversityAbstractFull Article
5. Integration of FAHP and Association Rule to Establish the Evaluation Mechanism for e-Learning PlatformAbstractFull Article
Vol. 21, No. 4 (2014/10)  
1. Institutional Ownership and Systematic Liquidity: Evidence from Taiwan Stock ExchangeAbstractFull Article
2. Volatility Contagion of Asian Emerging Stock Markets During Global Financial CrisesAbstractFull Article
3. A Study of the Dollar-cost Allocation Strategy using the Take-profit and Stop-loss Approach: The Evidence of Taiwan Index Mutual FundAbstractFull Article
4. The Effect of the Revision of New SFAS No. 10 on the Value Relevance of Financial ReportingAbstractFull Article
5. Effect of the Avatar, Self-reference Message, and Linkage with Products on Consumers’ Attitude: A Balance Theory PerspectiveAbstractFull Article
6. An Application of Fuzzy Multi-Objective Linear Programming in the Selection of Kitchen EquipmentAbstractFull Article
Vol. 21, No. 3 (2014/07)  
1. The Effects of Team Member’s Experiences of Collective Reward-punishment on Justice Perception of Collective Reward-punishment System: Prior Information and Collective Responsibility as cross-level ModeratorsAbstractFull Article
2. Environmental Ethics Values of Top Management Team and Firm Intellectual Capital: The Mediating Effect of Environmental ManagementAbstractFull Article
3. Additional Evidence on the Risk Explanation for the Excess Returns to R&D Intensive FirmsAbstractFull Article
4. Incomes from Investments Accounted for under Equity Method: Persistence of Earnings and Market Rational PricingAbstractFull Article
5. The Analysis and Valuation of Surrender Option for Life Insurance Policy with Installment PremiumAbstractFull Article
6. Airline Network Planning for the Different Phases of Cross-Strait Direct Flights DeregulationAbstractFull Article
Vol. 21, No. 2 (2014/04)  
1. The Impacts of Technological relatedness on Technological AcquisitionsAbstractFull Article
2. Age Dependence: Exploring Industrial Environment and Organizational Factors Influences on Business FailureAbstractFull Article
3. The Study of the Effect of Market Orientation on Corporate Performance: The Causal Dual Mediating Effects of Institutional-Based Trust and Knowledge IntegrationAbstractFull Article
4. The Differential Pricing for Computer Repair ServiceAbstractFull Article
5. The Influence of Ethical Ideology, Dilution Effect and Order Effect on Moral Judgment: An Experimental Study of Earnings ManagementAbstractFull Article
6. The Effect of Derivatives Usage on the Relative Value-relevance of Accounting Numbers: Hedging versus Non-hedging Purposes ExaminationAbstractFull Article
7. Are Funds of Funds Superior to Traditional Mutual Funds? A Perspective on the Risk-and-Return and Fund CharacteristicsAbstractFull Article
Vol. 21, No. 1 (2014/01)  
1. An Interpretation Study of MIS professionals’ Information Ethics Cognition between the Taiwan StraitAbstractFull Article
2. An Exploratory Study of the Relationship between a CCTV Firm and its’ Distributors in the Co-opetition Context: Awareness-Motivation-Capability PerspectiveAbstractFull Article
3. Head Coach Succession and Team Performance Change in Professional Sport: An Exploration of Chinese Professional Baseball LeagueAbstractFull Article
4. Cognitive Processes Evoked by Forcing Airline Passengers to Use Self Check-in ServicesAbstractFull Article
5. A Vehicular Maintenance and Replacement Decision Support System in Distribution Services: A Data Mining TechniqueAbstractFull Article
6. Assessment of Operational Risks for Cold Chain LogisticsAbstractFull Article
7. The Superior Underpricing to Seasonal Equity OfferingsAbstractFull Article
Vol. 20, No. 4 (2013/10)  
1.  The Research on the Match-up between Spokesperson and Product TypesAbstractFull Article
2. The Effect of the Advertisement for Brand Extensions and Consumer Involvement on the Brand Attitude and Purchase Intention of Flagship ProductAbstractFull Article
3. Corporate Governance, Capital Expenditure Decision and Firm ValueAbstractFull Article
4. The Decision of Having Independent Members on the Board and its Relation to PerformanceAbstractFull Article
5. The Relationship between Avoidance of Reporting Annual Losses and Excess Production: The Role of Controlling ShareholdersAbstractFull Article
6. The Effects of Government Industrial Innovation Policy on the Accumulation of Intellectual Capital and Performance: An Empirical Study of R&D and Personnel TrainingAbstractFull Article
7. Decisions on Selection of Plant Sites for the Steel IndustryAbstractFull Article
Vol. 20, No. 3 (2013/07)  
1. An Exploratory on Technology Transfer Mechanism of Defense Industry in CSISTAbstractFull Article
2. Testing Options Market Efficiency with Applications to Implied Volatility Pair Trading TestAbstractFull Article
3. The Impact of Salary Inequality on Operational Performance of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: Evidence from the Manufacturing Industry in Taipei CountyAbstractFull Article
4. Internet Self-Reference Advertising Effects: the Moderating Roles of Argument Strength and Vividness of Visual ImageryAbstractFull Article
5. Using the Borrower’s Perspective to Explore the Impact of Repayment Choices in the Greater Kaohsiung and Pingtung Area: Evidence from the Life Insurance CompanyAbstractFull Article
6. Price Dynamics of Credit Default SwapAbstractFull Article
7. Agency Problem, Information Disclosure and Investment-Cash Flow SensitivityAbstractFull Article
Vol. 20, No. 2 (2013/04)  
1. Japanese University-Industry Cooperation Model: Theoretical Research and Practical ProgressionAbstractFull Article
2. An Investigation of Planning a Research Park in Hsinchu Science Park AreaAbstractFull Article
3. Organizational Learning Capability and New Product Development in the Business Group Member Firms: A Network-Tie PerspectiveAbstractFull Article
4. The Effects of Oil Price, Cost Leadership Strategy, and Firm Size on the Stock Prices of Green Energy Companies: The Empirical Evidences of Taiwan and ChinaAbstractFull Article
5. Net Buying Pressure, Volatility Smirk and Abnormal Return of TXOAbstractFull Article
6. Optimal Composite Futures Hedging Models: An Application to the Emerging MarketsAbstractFull Article
7. Project and Quality-standard Selection Model with Prestige Creation for New Product DevelopmentAbstractFull Article
Vol. 20, No. 1 (2013/01)  
1. A Study of Industry-university Collaborative Behavior from the Perspective of Dynamic CapabilityAbstractFull Article
2. Research on Framework of University-Industry Collaboration for Enhancing Sustainable Growth for NSC Science ParkAbstractFull Article
3. Is Organizational Relationship an Asset or Debt Trap?AbstractFull Article
4. A Study on the Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivity of Family Business and Managerial OptimismAbstractFull Article
5. An Innovative University-Industry Cooperation Model in the Context of Multi-parties, Multi-locations and Multi-departmentsAbstractFull Article
6. The Effects of SPAN Margins System on Futures Market Liquidity, Volatility and Price Efficiency: The Case of TaiwanAbstractFull Article
7. Trade-Size Clustering and its Determinants in the Equity Index Futures Contracts Traded on the TAIFEXAbstractFull Article
Vol. 19, No. 4 (2012/10)  
1. Using the Ego-centered Technological Network Perspective to Identify the Most Suitable Commercialization PartnershipAbstractFull Article
2. University Patent Valuation and Commercial StrategyAbstractFull Article
3. The Study of Consultation Involved in Planning the Promotion of the Industry-Academia Cooperation ProjectAbstractFull Article
4. A Bayesian Approach to the Inference of Individual and Segment Level Parameters in Choice-Based Conjoint AnalysisAbstractFull Article
5. Analyzing the Relaxation of Price Fluctuation Limits from the Perspective of Stock Price JumpsAbstractFull Article
6. The Relationship between Investor Sentiment and Price MomentumAbstractFull Article
7. Expiration-Day Effect of SGX MSCI Taiwan Index Futures: Arbitrage or Manipulation?AbstractFull Article
Vol. 19, No. 3 (2012/07)  
1. Equity Evaluation on Different Situations of Corporate Governance: Neuro-Fuzzy ApplicationsAbstractFull Article
2. The Effects of Incongruity between the Product Country-of-Origin Associations and Advertising MessagesAbstractFull Article
3. Cross Level Analysis of Team Members’ Knowledge Sharing BehaviorAbstractFull Article
4. The Effects of Financial Constraints on Corporate Earnings ManagementAbstractFull Article
5. Trading Behaviors and Influential Factors of Mutual Fund ManagersAbstractFull Article
6. Key Factors of Pricing in Technology Transfer: A Case Study of Domestic Sputtering TargetsAbstractFull Article
7. A Study on Performance of National R&D Organizations and Its DeterminantsAbstractFull Article
Vol. 19, No. 2 (2012/04)  
1. Jump Diffusion and Stochastic Volatility Pricing Models of TAIEX Index Options: An Application of Fast Fourier TransformAbstractFull Article
2. A Cross-Level Examination on Knowledge Sharing Behavior of Sales Team Members: The Moderating Effect of Social Interaction and Team CompetitionAbstractFull Article
3. Valuation of Open Market Repurchases with Interval Prices: An Application of the Exchange OptionAbstractFull Article
4. On Study of the Conditional Asset Pricing Model on Taiwan’s Stock MarketAbstractFull Article
5. Toward Machine Tool Industry-Specific ERPs: A Study on the Characteristics and Unique ERP Functional Requirements of the Machine Tool IndustryAbstractFull Article
6. Prediction Model for End User Intention and Behavior of Electronic Waste Recycle via System Dynamics PerspectiveAbstractFull Article
7. The Effect of Repairmen Vacation Issue on the Performance of Multi-server Failure ModelsAbstractFull Article
Vol. 19, No. 1 (2012/01)  
1. Conditional Range-based Extreme Value Approach and the Application in Futures Margin SettingsAbstractFull Article
2. Turnaround Strategies and its Moderating by Organizational Life Stage: A Resource-based ViewAbstractFull Article
3. Investigating the Cross-level Effects of Supply Chain Integration on Suppliers’ PerformanceAbstractFull Article
4. Market States and Fund Investors’ Reaction to News CoverageAbstractFull Article
5. Developing an Assignment Model for IT Departments: A Multiple-project Selection, Multiple-period Assignment Model for Software ProjectsAbstractFull Article
6. Key Factors for Competitive Advantages of Cross-strait IC Foundry in Strategic AllianceAbstractFull Article
7. Integrated DFX (Design For eXcellence) Knowledge Management System for the Notebook IndustriesAbstractFull Article
Vol. 18, No. 4 (2011/10)  
1. The Model for Organization Responding to Corporate Social ResponsibilityAbstractFull Article
2. Exploring Women’s Fascination with Wedding Photographs from the Perspective of Value and Attractive Quality TheoryAbstractFull Article
3. Internationalization and Firm Innovation Performance: The Moderating Effects of Absorptive Capacity and Location ChoiceAbstractFull Article
4. Investors’ Overreaction and the Performance of SEOs: The Charisma PerspectiveAbstractFull Article
5. The Influence of Knowledge Representation Type to Internal Control EvaluationAbstractFull Article
6. The Effect of 2005 Underwriters’ Responsibilities/Punishments Enhancement on Initial Abnormal Returns of IPOsAbstractFull Article
7. The Ranking of FDI Location Choice Behavior of Taiwanese Firms in China: Application of the Hierarchical Bayes Rank-Ordered Logistic Regression ModelAbstractFull Article
Vol. 18, No. 3 (2011/07)  
1. The Examination of the Impact of Consumer Debt Negotiation Mechanism on the Financial Institutions in TaiwanAbstractFull Article
2. The Mediating Effect of Investor Recognition on the Association between Advertising and Firm ValueAbstractFull Article
3. Investigating the Antecedents and Consequences of Relationship Quality: A Case of Medical Cosmetic CenterAbstractFull Article
4. Measuring Brand Image by Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multiattribute Models: A Comparative AnalysisAbstractFull Article
5. Analyzing Willingness to Pay for Online Music by Nonlinear Interval Regression and Fuzzy IntegralAbstractFull Article
6. The Study on Optimal Weight of Data Envelopment Analysis: A Case Study of Taiwan Medical CenterAbstractFull Article
7. The Relationship between the Fluctuations of Ship Prices and Freight Rates in the International Tramp Shipping IndustryAbstractFull Article
Vol. 18, No. 2 (2011/04)  
1. Analyzing the Effect of Knowledge Capital and Value Chain on the Industrial Information Transfer of Capital ExpenditureAbstractFull Article
2. Employee Stock Bonus and Firm Performance: A Perspective of Intellectual CapitalAbstractFull Article
3. Does Modified Unqualified Opinion Foresee a Poor Performance?AbstractFull Article
4. On Positive Feedback Trading Behavior in Index Futures of TaiwanAbstractFull Article
5. A Joint Interest Rate Model on the Application of International Bond Portfolio Risk ManagementAbstractFull Article
6. A Study on Asymmetric Price Adjustment for the Housing Prices and Auction Prices in TaipeiAbstractFull Article
7. The Effect of Perceived Fairness with Service Recovery on Repatronage Intentions in Health CareAbstractFull Article
Vol. 18, No. 1 (2011/01)  
1. Dynamic Asset Allocation Concerning Asymmetric Price Jumps and Volatility State SwitchAbstractFull Article
2. The Estimation of Cash Flow at RiskAbstractFull Article
3. Continuous Growth or Growth Setback: Considering the Effect of Slack Resources and Self-Selection BiasAbstractFull Article
4. Monitoring Pressure and Budget Execution: The Case of Adoption of the Semi-annual Balance Statement in Defense UnitsAbstractFull Article
5. The Influence of the Service Quality of Real Estate Agent Personnel, Consumers’ Costs of House Search and Customers’ Satisfactions on Consumers’ LoyaltyAbstractFull Article
6. The Contingent Effects of Organizational Metastructuration Actions and Technology Adaptation on Successful ERP AssimilationAbstractFull Article
7. The Effects of Goal Interdependence and Transactive Memory System on Project PerformanceAbstractFull Article
8. New Product Design Process by Integrating Patent Family and Patent CitationAbstractFull Article
Vol. 17, No. 4 (2010/10)  
1. How Perceived Value and Switching Barriers Affect Repurchase Intention: An Integrated Model and Empirical Study of Mobile Phone ServicesAbstractFull Article
2. Relational Embedded Configuration and Service Innovation PerformanceAbstractFull Article
3. Macroeconomic News and Information Transmission of Bond Markets between U.S. and TaiwanAbstractFull Article
4. Evolutionary Stock Valuation Model Based on Nonlinear Capital AllocationAbstractFull Article
5. Return and Risk between Vertical Integration and Virtual Integration Business Models: Comparing Taiwan and US Integrated Circuit IndustryAbstractFull Article
6. The House-Money and Break-Even Effects on Banks’ Short-Term Investments: Evidence from Taiwan’s BanksAbstractFull Article
7. A Study of the Digital Divide Assessment Model for SMEs: The Perspective from Taiwan Manufacturing IndustryAbstractFull Article
8. Measuring the Technical Efficiency of H Liner Shipping Company in TaiwanAbstractFull Article
Vol. 17, No. 3 (2010/07)  
1. The Influence of Brand Benefits on Brand Loyalty: The Mediating Effects of Brand Relationship Quality and Customer Relationship QualityAbstractFull Article
2. The Effects of Store Image and Warranty on the Evaluation of Brand Extensions: The Moderating Role of Extension SimilarityAbstractFull Article
3. Influence of System Trust on Customer Loyalty: The Mediating Effect of Organizational and Interpersonal TrustAbstractFull Article
4. Scope Expansion, Geographic Expansion and Innovation Performance: An Empirical Study of High-Tech M&AAbstractFull Article
5. Board Independence and Financial Distress: Evidence from TaiwanAbstractFull Article
6. Strategic Matrix of Service Value-added Type of Supply Chain: Focused on Information Service IndustriesAbstractFull Article
7. Optimal Disassembly and Recycling Process for End-of-Life Electronic Products under Multiple CriteriaAbstractFull Article
Vol. 17, No. 2 (2010/04)  
1. A Study on Marketing Channel Power, Channel Climate, Partnership and Cooperation Performance: An Empirical Study of the Digital Camera Industry in TaiwanAbstractFull Article
2. Paths of R&D Internationalization from a Developing Country: The Case of Taiwanese Information and Electronic IndustryAbstractFull Article
3. Evaluating the Training Effectiveness by Using Different Training Methods — A Comparison of Teambuilding Training Between Indoor Lecture andOutdoor Experiential TrainingAbstractFull Article
4. A Research of the Relationship among Business Green Management, Environmental Performance and Competitive AdvantageAbstractFull Article
5. The Impact of Professional Insurance on Investment, Independent Accountants’ Legal Liability, and Their Audit BehaviorAbstractFull Article
6. The Effect of Market Perception Management on the SFAS No. 35:The Analysis of Early AdoptionAbstractFull Article
7. A Decision Support System for Incremental Resource Allocation — Taking Patrol Box Allocation as ExampleAbstractFull Article
Vol. 17, No. 1 (2010/01)  
1. Fund Investors’ Disposition Effect vis-à-vis Herding Redemption and Non-Herding Redemption Using Quantile Regression Least Square Dummy Variable EstimatorAbstractFull Article
2. Persistence of Taiwan Mutual Fund Performance: The Comparison of Multiple Performance measuresAbstractFull Article
3. Option Pricing under Lévy Processes and GARCH-Lévy Processes: An Empirical Analysis on TAIEX Index OptionsAbstractFull Article
4. The Impact of Reducing the Minimum Tick Size on Price Clustering and Market Liquidity in the Taiwan Stock MarketAbstractFull Article
5. The Adaptation for the ACD Model to Taiwan Stock Market — The Case of UMCAbstractFull Article
6. Using an Integrated Model for Service Design and Service Quality Improvement: A Case Study on Insurance IndustryAbstractFull Article
7. Design and Implementation of Integrated Access Control Systems with High Efficiency for Web ServicesAbstractFull Article
Vol. 16, No. 4 (2009/10)  
1. The Relationship between Risk Perception and Sunk Cost EffectsAbstractFull Article
2. Evidence on the Association between Mechanisms of Corporate Governance and the Portfolio Held by Foreign InvestorsAbstractFull Article
3. The Relationship between Time Duration and Price Impact of TradesAbstractFull Article
4. Technical Services for Customer Relationship Enhancement — Cases of Dyestuff Manufacturing and Textile Dyeing FirmsAbstractFull Article
5. A Case Study on the Taiwan Copper Manufacturing Industry from the Cost and Benefit Model of PostponementAbstractFull Article
6. The Influences of Web-Based Group Decision Support System on the Effects of Creativity TrainingAbstractFull Article
7. The Construction of a Leg-Based Integrated Crew Scheduling Decision Support SystemAbstractFull Article
Vol. 16, No. 3 (2009/07)  
1. Knowledge Governance Approach on Organizational Knowledge CreationAbstractFull Article
2. Industrial Clustering and Operating Performance: An Empirical Case of Taiwan IT Industry’s Investments in ChinaAbstractFull Article
3. A Generalized Study of Sensitive Problems by using Stratified Randomized Response ModelAbstractFull Article
4. Extended Research on an Imperfect Process Production-inventory Model with Deteriorating Items under Two Dispatching PoliciesAbstractFull Article
5. A Case Study of Building the Decision Support System for Petroleum Tank Trucks DispatchingAbstractFull Article
6. A New Fuzzy DEA Ranking Model with an Application for Bank Branch Performance EvaluationAbstractFull Article
Vol. 16, No. 2 (2009/04)  
1. A Review and Proposition on the Conceptual Framework of Management DecisionAbstractFull Article
2. UNISON Decision Analysis Framework for Constructing the Workforce Planning Decision Model for Semiconductor Manufacturing FabAbstractFull Article
3. Expert Overconfidence in Probability Interval EstimationsAbstractFull Article
4. A Study of the Fundamental Scale for Pairwise Comparisons in the Analytical Hierarchy ProcessAbstractFull Article
5. Integrating ISM and ANP into Construction of Knowledge Management SystemAbstractFull Article
6. An Empirical Study of the Axiomatic Design Method for Product Design Decisions: A Case Study on Alarm Icon DesignAbstractFull Article
7. A Study on Market Mechanism and Ancillary Service for Deregulated Power Market of TaiwanAbstractFull Article
8. The Dynamic Decision Model of Honeypot DeploymentAbstractFull Article
9. An Inventory Management Decision Method Applied in Taiwan’s Notebook Computer IndustryAbstractFull Article
Vol. 16, No. 1 (2009/01)  
1. Tests of Theorizing in Strategic Human Resource Management: Universalistic, Configurational, and Contingency PerspectiveAbstractFull Article
2. National R&D Program Evaluation and Policy Management: The Perspective of R&D InternalizationAbstractFull Article
3. A Theory of Capacity-based Competition for Professional Manufacturing ServicesAbstractFull Article
4. Confirmation Factor and Its Impact on Taxpayer’s Continuance Intention of Online Tax FilingAbstractFull Article
5. The Moderating Role of Different Comparative Advertising Category to Relationships between Conflict Interests and Competitive EfficienciesAbstractFull Article
6. A Note on Optimization of a Nonlinear 0-1 Integer Program for Assigning Persons to Certain ProjectsAbstractFull Article
Vol. 15, No. 4 (2008/10)  
1. Herding effect, Feedback Trading, Cascading, and Momentum by Share Ownership Adjustments of Three Major Institutional Investors in Taiwan Stock MarketAbstractFull Article
2. Information Distribution and the Informative EfficiencyAbstractFull Article
3. A Comparison of Dollar-Cost Averaging with Lump-Sum Investing for Mutual FundsAbstractFull Article
4. An Examination of Herding Behavior in the Taiwan Real Estate MarketAbstractFull Article
5. The Performance, Risk and the Influential Factors of International Diversification in TaiwanAbstractFull Article
6. Analyzing for Royalty Negotiation for Franchise Contract of BOT ProjectsAbstractFull Article
Vol. 15, No. 3 (2008/07)  
1. Coping with Work-Nonwork Conflict and Promoting Life Quality of Frontline Employees via Social SupportAbstractFull Article
2. The Power Operation among Departments’ Actors in ISD–Technological Frame and Chinese Guanxi PerspectivesAbstractFull Article
3. The Relationships among Product Knowledge, Anxiety, and Post-Purchase DissonanceAbstractFull Article
4. Applying Fuzzy Hierarchical TOPSIS to Evaluate Portal Site Service QualityAbstractFull Article
5. The Effects of Pre-IPO Capital Expansion on Post-Issue Growth Opportunities and Operating PerformanceAbstractFull Article
6. A Comparative Study on Margining System for Futures and Options Exchange: Review and Empirical EvidenceAbstractFull Article
Vol. 15, No. 2 (2008/04)  
1. The Metrics for Measuring the Effectiveness of Web AdvertisementsAbstractFull Article
2. The Determinants of Website Purchasing IntentionAbstractFull Article
3. A Study of Using Overseas Backpackers’ Metaphor to Construct Consensus MapAbstractFull Article
4. Optimize a Supply Chain Schedule under Variable Cost FunctionsAbstractFull Article
5. A Study of Relationship Learning, Relationship Memory and Organizational Learning CapabilityAbstractFull Article
6. Embedding Strategic Technological Planning with Patent PortfolioAbstractFull Article
Vol. 15, No. 1 (2008/01)  
1. A Study of Service Recovery Strategy – A Relationship Marketing’s PerspectiveAbstractFull Article
2. Evaluation of Portfolio VaR Using the Component VaR for Heteroskedastic Volatility Assets: An Application of Extreme Value MethodAbstractFull Article
3. Order Submission Patterns of Professional Institutional Investors and Stock Price Behaviors in the Taiwan Stock MarketAbstractFull Article
4. The Effect of Earnings Management on the Relative Value-relevance of Earnings and Book ValueAbstractFull Article
5. The Study on Intelligent Agent Systems Based on Web Services – An Example on the Order Fulfillment ProcessAbstractFull Article
6. A Study on the Total Parenteral Nutrition of Premature Birth Babies with the Artificial NeuroMolecular SystemAbstractFull Article
Vol. 14, No. 4 (2007/10)  
1. The Deviations and Factors of the Affection between the Theoretical and Actual Hedge Value from the Securities Corporations Who Write the Warrants in TaiwanAbstractFull Article
2. The Analysis of Risky Capital and Bank EfficiencyAbstractFull Article
3. Do Stocks Mispricing Caused by Earnings Management?AbstractFull Article
4. Zone of Tolerance: Exploring the Impact of E-Service Quality Dimensions’ Types and ImportanceAbstractFull Article
5. Customer Value of Book-Renting Activities: Geography and Sex PerspectivesAbstractFull Article
6. Constraint Programming Models for Sports Scheduling Problem — A Case Study of Chinese Professional Baseball LeagueAbstractFull Article
7. Individual Learning in Group: Effects of Decision Procedure and Information Sharing TypeAbstractFull Article
8. The Design of a 2D Stock Cutting Decision Support SystemAbstractFull Article
Vol. 14, No. 3 (2007/07)  
1. An Analysis on Decisions of Production Postponement Planning through the Viewpoint of Total CostAbstractFull Article
2. Good Luck or Good Strategy?: Bootstrapped Mutual Funds PerformanceAbstractFull Article
3. Analysis of Self-liquidation Ratio and Financial Resource Allocation for BOT Projects with Uncertain Finance EnvironmentAbstractFull Article
4. The Influence of Perceived Time Pressure on Consumer Psychological Variable in Internet PromotionAbstractFull Article
5. Applying Step Loss Function in the Evaluation of Environmental RiskAbstractFull Article
6. The Application of Fuzzy Group Decision Theory for Selecting Enterprise’s Intellectual Property Management SystemAbstractFull Article
7. Planning for Adopting the Information System in Cross-Strait Enterprises Using Grey RelationAbstractFull Article
Vol. 14, No. 2 (2007/04)  
1. Managing Inter-Partner Fit of Strategic Alliance: An Empirical Study of Taiwanese FirmsAbstractFull Article
2. A Study on the Interactions between Consumers and Organizations with Different Learning StrategiesAbstractFull Article
3. Different Approaches to Analyze the Fits Between Strategy, Structure and Resource: An Empirical Study in Taiwan Healthcare IndustryAbstractFull Article
4. Determinants of the Valuation of Intangible Assets Between Countries – A Contrast between Taiwanese and American IC Design HousesAbstractFull Article
5. The Association between Legal Liability and Quality of Financial Statements: Evidence from Taiwan Firms Cross-Border Listed on Overseas MarketsAbstractFull Article
6. Study on Service Quality Segmentation of Whale-watching Activity — Applying Survey Analysis and Neural NetworkAbstractFull Article
Vol. 14, No. 1 (2007/01)  
1. Resources, Trust, Supporting Firm Willingness to Cooperate, and Competitiveness of High-Tech Ventures: An Intertemporal Study of Hsinchu High Technology Industrial Park FirmsAbstractFull Article
2. A Study on the Influence of Venture Capitalists to Value of High-Tech FirmsAbstractFull Article
3. The Revival and Manage Strategy of Rayfun Area Tourism IndustryAbstractFull Article
4. On Study of Discrete-time Financial Distress Model with Industry Effects and Market-driven VariablesAbstractFull Article
5. Valuation and Hedging Performance of Gram-Charlier GARCH Option Pricing AlgorithmAbstractFull Article
6. Nurse Rostering Using Two-Phased Constraint Programming ModelsAbstractFull Article
Vol. 13, No. 4 (2006/10)  
1. Assessing Venture Capital Investment Decisions with Different Stochastic Impact Scales: A Real-Options ApproachAbstractFull Article
2. Term Structure of Interest Rate Swap Spreads: Consistent with the Market Yield Curve and Analytical SolutionAbstractFull Article
3. The Relation between Market Imperfections and Index ArbitrageAbstractFull Article
4. The Construction of the Volatility Index for the Taiwan Stock Market: An Analysis of the Information Contents and Trading StrategiesAbstractFull Article
5. The Construction of the Volatility Index for the Taiwan Stock Market: An Analysis of the Information Contents and Trading StrategiesAbstractFull Article
6. Effects of Product Placement in Computer GameAbstractFull Article
7. Solving Global Supply Chain Network Equilibrium with Genetic Algorithm Embedded in Multi-agentAbstractFull Article
Vol. 13, No. 3 (2006/07)  
1. A Study of Relationship Bonds and the Interaction of Future Relations: The Mediate Effect of Relationship QualityAbstractFull Article
2. The Dynamics Process of Mainland China’s Exports after the Impact of Asian Financial CrisisAbstractFull Article
3. Integrated Model of AHP and Fuzzy Cognitive Maps for Evaluating the Weapon SystemsAbstractFull Article
4. Evaluation of User Satisfaction in Information Systems Using Fuzzy Linguistic TermsAbstractFull Article
5. The Optimization of Military Investment RatiosAbstractFull Article
6. Integrated Model of AHP and Fuzzy Cognitive Maps for Evaluating the Weapon SystemsAbstractFull Article
Vol. 13, No. 2 (2006/04)  
1. Are Banking Crises Predictable?AbstractFull Article
2. The Cost of Debt and Dividend Policies of Family Firms: Empirical Evidence in Companies Listed in TSEAbstractFull Article
3. Can Exchange Listing Improve Media Visibility?AbstractFull Article
4. The Effects of Banking Call Center Service Functions on Customers’ Perceived Values and Customers’ Behavioral IntentionsAbstractFull Article
5. A Multiple Group Classification Method by Mixed Integer ProgrammingAbstractFull Article
6. Applying Critical Chain Project Management to Scheduling the Civil Aircraft Engine Maintenance BusinessAbstractFull Article
Vol. 13, No. 1 (2006/01)  
1. Perceived Task Uncertainty, Organizational Commitment, Managerial Accounting Systems and Their Three-Way Interaction Effects on Managerial PerformanceAbstractFull Article
2. Synergy of Feature Advertisements, Sales Promotion and Brand Tier PositioningAbstractFull Article
3. The Private Information Trading during Monthly Sales AnnouncementsAbstractFull Article
4. The Impacts of Budgetary Goal Attainment on Risky Investment: Prospect theory and Previous Performance AttributionAbstractFull Article
5. The Rise of BenQ: A Dynamic Capabilities PerspectiveAbstractFull Article
Vol. 12, No. 4 (2005/10)  
1. Application of Stochastic Programming to Tool Portfolio Planning In Semiconductor ManufacturingAbstractFull Article
2. Finding Consumer Preferences in Product Factors Using Fuzzy Rule-Based Data MiningAbstractFull Article
3. The Impact of Board Characteristics and Ownership Structure on Debt: An Agency Theory PerspectiveAbstractFull Article
4. The Effect of Stock Return Variation on Corporate Investment Decisions under Financial ConstraintsAbstractFull Article
5. Using Text Mining to Analyze Technology from Patent Documentation: A Study on Magnetic Random Access Memory TechnologyAbstractFull Article
6. Management Research Paper Status Assessment and Analysis in Taiwan: A Survey from 1999 to 2003AbstractFull Article
Vol. 12, No. 3 (2005/07)  
1. Arbitrage Efficiency Tests of the TAIEX Index Option MarketAbstractFull Article
2. The Relationship Among National Culture, Consumer Ethical Beliefs, and Purchasing Counterfeit Product Behaviors – An Empirical Study for Mainland China and TaiwanAbstractFull Article
3. A Neural Network Approach for Customer Group Classification AnalysisAbstractFull Article
4. Building an Enterprise Integrated Database with Its Practice Benefits under the Era of Internet Economy – A Case Study of Building NIIS Central DatabaseAbstractFull Article
5. Multiple Replenishment Inventory Model for Reusable Product with Imperfect QualityAbstractFull Article
Vol. 12, No. 2 (2005/04)  
1. Experimental Analysis of Different Types of Internet Advertisements on Consumer AttentionAbstractFull Article
2. The Construction and Application of Aggregation Function for Group Decision-making Based on Verbal EvaluationAbstractFull Article
3. The Impacts of Self-Managing Teams’ Goals Interdependence and Members Interaction Process on Teams’ TrustAbstractFull Article
4. Churn of Telecom Data Circuit Using Data Mining TechniqueAbstractFull Article
5. The Construction of an Integrated Service System for Travel Semantic WebAbstractFull Article
6. Fuzzy AHP-based GDM Method for Assessing and Selecting Marketing StrategiesAbstractFull Article
Vol. 12, No. 1 (2005/01)  
1. Does Earnings Information Quality Influence Earnings Management Behavior?AbstractFull Article
2. An Empirical Investigation of the Relationships among Web Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, and Behavior Intention: A Study of Online Shopping BehaviorsAbstractFull Article
3. An Empirical Research on Electrical Business Performance of Listed Companies in Taiwan and ChinaAbstractFull Article
4. The VaR Applications for Unit Maintenance SchedulingAbstractFull Article
5. An Approach of Simulated Annealing in Multistage Flow Shop Scheduling with Unrelated Parallel MachinesAbstractFull Article
6. Developing Fuzzy Decision Support System on Supplier Selection StrategyAbstractFull Article
Vol. 11, No. 4 (2004/10)  
1. An Empirical Study of the Human Resource Management System Were Executed in the Four IndustriesAbstractFull Article
2. Manager Forfeiture, Reliability of Financial Reports, and Legal MechanismAbstractFull Article
3. The Application of Tabu Search in Purchasing Decision of DrugsAbstractFull Article
4. A Study of the Relationships among Internal Marketing, Business Culture, Job Satisfaction and Operating Performance in the Service Industry: The Case of International Tourist Hotels in TaiwanAbstractFull Article
5. An Exploratory Study on the Relationship Perception, Relationship Attitude and Relationship BehaviorAbstractFull Article
6. A Study in Integration of Technology Scenario and Strategic PlanningAbstractFull Article
Vol. 11, No. 3 (2004/07)  
1. Estimating Mobility Probabilities of Income States in Taiwan PopulationAbstractFull Article
2. The Comparison of the Application of Econometric Model, Time Series and Fuzzy Time Series to Forecast Exports of TaiwanAbstractFull Article
3. On the Valuation and Hedging Performances of NGARCH Basket Options Pricing ModelAbstractFull Article
4. An Internet-Based Document Authentication and Knowledge Validation Model: Authentication of the Credit Card ApplicationAbstractFull Article
5. Application of Rough Set Theory to EMI diagnosisAbstractFull Article
6. Diagnosis Technique of Human Resource Management Function – An Approach based on Quality Function DeploymentAbstractFull Article
Vol. 11, No. 2 (2004/04)  
1. Building a Process-Centric Roadmap for e-Government Success Through Customer Relationship ManagementAbstractFull Article
2. Evaluating the Information Architecture of Government WebsitesAbstractFull Article
3. Model Building and Empirical Study of Customer Relationship Quality for Life Insurance IndustryAbstractFull Article
4. A Study on External Supply Chain Integration Capabilities of Information and Electronic Industry in TaiwanAbstractFull Article
5. A Study of the Idiosyncratic Information Technology, Governance Form and Delivery Performance of the International Courier and Small Package Services in TaiwanAbstractFull Article
6. A Study of Outsourced with Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in the IC Design Industry – A Case of ADMtek IncorporatedAbstractFull Article
Vol. 11, No. 1 (2004/01)  
1. Relationship between Intellectual Capital and Corporate Intangible Value-An Empirical Study on Taiwan Manufacturing FirmsAbstractFull Article
2. An Inventory Model for Fast-moving Spare Parts of Semiconductor Equipment and Service SupplierAbstractFull Article
3. An Optimal Investment Model with Different Venture Capital FormsAbstractFull Article
4. A Combined Location-Routing And Inventory Problem In A Logistic Distribution SystemAbstractFull Article
5. Problem-Oriented Planning for the Traffic Management System of the Comprehensive Network of Freeway/ExpresswayAbstractFull Article
6. The Empirical Study On The Relationships Among Hospital’s HRM Policy, HR Characteristics, Organizational Capabilities and Performance: Resource-Based View (RBV)AbstractFull Article
Vol. 10, No. 4 (2003/10)  
1. The Effects of Organizational Culture and Conditions for Organizational Knowledge Creation on Organizational Innovation: The Case of Information Hardware Industry in TaiwanAbstractFull Article
2. A Study on the Collaborating Orientation of E-Business –Cases of Acer and LiteonAbstractFull Article
3. A Research on Supplementary Strategy for Technology Gap in the Technology Innovation Process –A Case Study of Biotechnology Industry in TaiwanAbstractFull Article
4. Team Diversity and Knowledge Sharing and Innovation Performance: The Mediating Effect of Social CapitalAbstractFull Article
5. A Study on the Relationship of Information-oriented Task, Knowledge Management and Knowledge Effectiveness in the High-tech CompaniesAbstractFull Article
6. How Established Firms Adapt to Virtual Business Model: An Empirical Study of Two Established Brokerage Firms in TaiwanAbstractFull Article
7. The Empirical Study on the KM Strategies, Organizational Capabilities and Competitive Advantage for Professional Organizations in Taiwan—The Knowledge-Based ViewAbstractFull Article
Vol. 10, No. 3 (2003/07)  
1. Price Relationships between Depositary Receipts and Their Underlying Securities in Segmented Markets: Evidence from Depositary Receipts Issued by Taiwanese FirmsAbstractFull Article
2. An Examination of the Causal Relationship between Ongoing Operations after ISO Certification and the Benefits to the OrganizationAbstractFull Article
3. Developing A Project Risk Management Model for The Implementation of Information Technologies-An Empirical Study of E-Document ProjectAbstractFull Article
4. Selection Criteria for Wafer Foundry by IC Design House in TaiwanAbstractFull Article
5. Portfolio Selection and Performance Evaluation on Taiwan Stock Market:Derivation and Application of the Generalized Sharpe Ratio in VaR FormAbstractFull Article
6. Applying Empirical Bayesian Estimation in the Optimal Decision of Server-Dependent QueueAbstractFull Article
Vol. 10, No. 2 (2003/04)  
1. Venture Capital, R&D Investment with Intensity for Knowledge-Based EconomyAbstractFull Article
2. E-Commerce Research Status and Trends of Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Dissertations in TaiwanAbstractFull Article
3. A Study on Audit Indices for Internet MarketingAbstractFull Article
4. Analyzing the Strategic Value of Internet Banking—The Value Chain PerspectiveAbstractFull Article
5. The Development of Public Key Infrastructure for Securing E-Commerce Systems NetworksAbstractFull Article
6. A Framework for Official Web Site DesignAbstractFull Article
Vol. 10, No. 1 (2003/01)  
1. The Revealing Rational Expectations Equilibrium under Differential Private InformationAbstractFull Article
2. A Study of E-Commerce Strategy in the Banking Industry Through Customer Relationship ManagementAbstractFull Article
3. A Study on Performance Evaluation Model of Electronic BusinessAbstractFull Article
4. The Measurement of Supplier’s Quick Response AbilityAbstractFull Article
5. An Environmental Taxation Model on Municipal Sewage EmissionAbstractFull Article
6. A Fuzzy Set Approach to Determine Inventory Strategies for New Product Supply ChainsAbstractFull Article
Vol. 9, No. 4 (2002/10)  
1. To Apply DEA to the Efficiency Evaluation of R&D Projects-A Case Study in “Leading Product Development Program”AbstractFull Article
2. The Relationships Among TQM Practices, Quality Performance and Total Performance from Perspective of Industrial CompetitionAbstractFull Article
3. A Discussion of Human Capital Expenditure and Its Accounting AttributeAbstractFull Article
4. E-Business Strategy and Value Creation for Established Companies-Cases of TSMC and AcerAbstractFull Article
5. A Preliminary Study of a Conceptual Model and Determinant of Living Environment QualityAbstractFull Article
6. Using Fuzzy Set Theory in Information Requirement Analysis for Supply Chain Management: The Case of the Aviation IndustryAbstractFull Article
Vol. 9, No. 3 (2002/07)  
1. The Relationship between Organizational Politics Perceptions and Job Satisfaction-with Trust as Moderator VariableAbstractFull Article
2. The Relationship between Quality Management Programs and Product Flexibility Capability: An Empirical Study in Taiwan Motherboard IndustryAbstractFull Article
3. Integrated Multi-suppliers Three-echelon Inventory Model for Deteriorating ItemsAbstractFull Article
4. Board Structure, Firm Performance and Financial Policy: Empirical Analysis of Stock- listed Firms in TaiwanAbstractFull Article
5. Improving Channel Coordination through Bargaining in Bilateral MonopolyAbstractFull Article
6. E-journal Evaluating System ConstructingAbstractFull Article
Vol. 9, No. 2 (2002/04)  
1. The Critical Success Factors of IT-Enabled Business TransformationAbstractFull Article
2. The Firm’s Decision for the Optimal Location in the Batch Process Model under Uncertainty of Exchange Rate: The Application of Real Options ApproachAbstractFull Article
3. An Econometric Model of Survival Time of Fund Manager: The Experience of TaiwanAbstractFull Article
4. A Heuristic Approach for Solving the Distribution Management Model Integrating Both Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) and Vehicle Routing Planning (VRP)AbstractFull Article
5. A Fuzzy Approach for Selecting Application Service Providers Strategic Alliance Partners of Internet Service Providers in TaiwanAbstractFull Article
6. A Model of Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning: Using the Machine Tool Industry as an ExampleAbstractFull Article
Vol. 9, No. 1 (2002/01)  
1. From Technician to Technopreneur: A Case Study of IC Technology Transfer of TaiwanAbstractFull Article
2. The Determinants of Global Logistics Management Model of Computer System Industry in Electronic Commerce CircumstanceAbstractFull Article
3. Experimental Study of the Team Knowledge Conversion Abilities and Innovation: An Examination of the Knowledge Spiral TheoryAbstractFull Article
4. The Case Study of the Relationship among Sociotechnology System, Human Resource Management System and Knowledge ManagementAbstractFull Article
5. The Relationship between Knowledge Management and Organization Learning in the Public Sector—Take the General Affairs Department of Kaohsiung Municipal GovernmentAbstractFull Article
6. A Study on the Relationship between Empowerment and Knowledge Sharing: A Case Analysis of the Anyway Com. WebsiteAbstractFull Article
7. Study of the Relationship among Knowledge Management Typology and Performance—Case Study of Cross-industry Diversified Venture of TaiwanAbstractFull Article




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