Ph.D. Graduate Stephen Downing Selected Finalist for 2021 STR (strategic management) Division Wiley Blackwell Outstanding Dissertation Award

Congratulations to Stephen Downing, our Ph.D. graduate in 2020, for being selected as one of the five finalists for the 2021 STR Division Wiley Blackwell Outstanding Dissertation Award at the Academy of Management Annual Conference! Also, congratulations to his advisor Prof. Jin-Su Kang!


Five Finalists below have received PhD from Harvard business school, INSEAD, University of Michigan, and Syracuses University :
  • Stephen Downing (National Chiao Tung University PhD), Assistant Professor at the University of Missouri
    • Dissertation Title: “Competitive Myopia: Redressing Blind Spots in Interindustry Competition,” Dissertation Chair: Jin-Su Kang
  • Harshvardhan J. Ketkar (University of Michigan PhD), Assistant Professor at Bocconi
    • Dissertation Title: “Essays on Organizing Human Capital, Automation and Innovation,” Dissertation Co-Chairs: Seth Carnahan and Felipe Csaszar
  • Hyunjin Kim (Harvard Business School PhD), Assistant Professor at INSEAD
    • Dissertation Title: “Field Experiments on the Barriers Firms Face in Realizing Gains From Data,” Dissertation Chair: Dennis Yao
  • Arianna Marchetti (INSEAD PhD), Assistant Professor at London Business School
    • Dissertation Title: “Organizational Culture and Firm Performance,” Dissertation Co-Chairs: Phanish Puranam and Ithai Stern
  • Almantas Palubinskas (Syracuse University PhD), Postdoctoral Researcher at Emlyon Business School
    • Dissertation Title: “Entrepreneurial Firms and Nonmarket Strategy: Lessons from the Drone Industry,” Dissertation Chair: Maria Minniti
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