2017 : Volume 37 Issue 1

    The mediating roles of differentiation strategy and learning orientation in the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance

    Authors: Chih-Yuan Chen, Hui-Hui Huang, Shyh-Chyi Wey

    Journal:Corporate Management Review. Jun. 2017, 37(1): 1-40.

    Keywords: Entrepreneurial orientation; differentiation strategy; learning orientation; firm performance; a multiple mediating model.
    DOI: 10.3966/102873102017063701001

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    Where is foreign institutional investors’ efficacy? A transparency & disclosure perspective

    Authors: Chin-Jung Luan, Chengli Tien

    Journal: Corporate Management Review. Jun. 2017, 37(1): 41-75.

    Keywords: Corporate governance; information transparency and disclosure; foreign institutional investors; agency theory; International investment.
    DOI: 10.3966/102873102017063701002

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    Earnings management in family firms: The role of inside directors

    Authors: Yi-Hui Tai

    Journal: Corporate Management Review. Jun. 2017, 37(1): 77-114.

    Keywords: Family firms; real earnings management; accruals management; inside director proportion; inside director compensation.
    DOI: 10.3966/102873102017063701003

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    Rationality of the personal loan interest-rate markups of banks

    Authors: Ming-Chang Wang, Sung-Shan Chen, Jen-Min Chiang

    Journal: Corporate Management Review. Jun. 2017, 37(1): 115-163.

    Keywords: Credit scoring model; credit quality; credit risk; interest-rate markups.
    DOI: 10.3966/102873102017063701004

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