The relationship between stress and nursing errors: the moderating role of professional ethics

Authors: Chin-Tien Hsu

Journal: Chiao Da Management Review. Dec. 2012, 32(2): 1-36.

Keywords: Stress; Nursing errors; Professional ethics

The nurses' stress is an important issue in the hospital organizations. This study examines the process Jinking the relationship between stress and nursing errors by focusing on the moderating role of professional ethics. This study adopts the questionnaire and used 494 hospital-based nursing staff in Taiwan. Results demonstrate that two forms of stress (work related and non- work related) are both positively related to nursing errors. In addition, professional ethics moderates the relationship between work related stress and nursing errors, such that the relationship is weaker when nursing staff with the higher professional ethics. However, professional ethics does not interact with non-work related stress to predict nursing errors. This study contributes to the literature on the relationship among stress, professional ethics, and nursing errors. Finally, the limitations of the research are discussed and suggestions for further research are proposed.