An empirical study on relational capital, market orientation, organizational learning and new Product development Authors: Shyh-Rong Fang, Shin-Chieh Fang

Authors:Shyh-Rong Fang, Shin-Chieh Fang

Journal:Chiao Da Management Review. Dec. 2004, 24(2): 61-86.

Keywords: New product development (NPD); Relational capital; Market orientation; Organizational learning capacity

New product development (NPD) as knowledge management is a Strategic issue, especially in the knowledge –based economy. This research focuses on the knowledge creation for NPD, such as how to acquire, disseminate and exploit both market and product information should be the most important issues. Theoretical framework drawn from theories of relational capital, market orientation and organizational learning. In the empirical study, researcher focuses on Taiwanese high-tech industry, especially information equipment firms. And the results showed that, relational capital , market orientation might facilitate organizational learning capacity, and through the way to increase NPD performance. Finally, researcher drawned upon some academic and practical conclusions and a few future research topics.