Fundamental Literacy & Core Competency

Fundamental Literacy

  • Humanity (Students should have the ability to develop and establish relationships with fellow classmates, to cooperate with others, to handle conflicts, to be active and have initiative spirit, and also to be honest and responsible.)
  • Virtues (Students should have positive and correct ethic values, have a caring heart for others, and have moral business ethic values with International outlook.)
  • Information Literacy (Students are expected to have skillful abilities in computer and internet applications. In addition, objective views are taken when they are asked to evaluate issues.)
  • Civic Responsibility (Students should have a vigorous attitude in engaging in public affairs and hold interest in how the society and the world change.)

Core Competency

  • Professional Knowledge (Student demonstrates in-depth knowledge and synthesis analysis in the professional area.)
  • Research Ability (Student demonstrates the ability of original and independent research.)
  • Communication Skills (Student has the ability in oral presentation and thesis writing in a clear, logical and organizational manner.)
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